Central Park Morning

It wasn’t until about a month ago that I found out dogs are allowed off leash in Central Park before 9:00am. How did I not know this? Anyway, some dog owners in our neighborhood told me about the Great Hill- which is around 105th Street. Dogs and their owners congregate there early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We didn’t know what to expect the first time we went to check it out, but it was amazing. At its peak, there were at least 40 dogs there all running around and playing.

Now that we’ve gone several times, we are getting to know the dogs and their owners; Cosmo, for example, LOVES to dig holes. There’s a photo of him near the bottom of this post with his owner is running up and yelling at him to stop. Cosmo gets scolded, immediately stops digging his hole, and goes straight for a different hole. He cracks us up. If you check out the photos below, you can find Evie looking pretty guilty post-digging, too.

There are also a lot of tug-of-war games over sticks at the park. Evie loves sticks, but usually loses to a bigger dog. There’s also a lot of howling. Just because.

On this day, there was an English Bulldog puppy who really liked Evie. I snapped a photo of him chasing her down. I can’t blame him, though. Evie is a catch.