Siesta Key, FL

My mom, Baba, and I spent the last week of June (the week leading up to my 23rd birthday!) in a key off of Sarasota, FL called Siesta Key. I’ve been going there since I was really little, and grandparents started going loooong before I was born. Siesta Key beach was recently rated #1 beach in the United States! You can read about it here. Not to be a beach hipster and say we found it first, but… 😉

Sarasota is home to my FAVORITE restaurant of all time- Bangkok Restaurant. It’s located in an unassuming little strip mall, but when you walk inside the place is FULL of pretty string lights, beautiful hand-carved wood from ceiling to floor, silk fabric, and the smell of jasmine rice- AKA heaven. We went there twice, the second time on our last night in Siesta Key as a birthday celebration… I got a full bongo drum and gong ringing birthday song performance from the staff and blushed super hard the whole way through.

I didn’t even try to photograph it because no photo could do the experience of this place justice. To list a few favorites: chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce, fresh vegetable spring rolls, pineapple coconut curry, creamy peanut snow peas + broccoli with chicken, honey bananas, thai custard with purple rice, and MANGO STICKY RICE. Ugh. Take me back.

It was super special to have this relaxed, unscheduled, girls week in a place that’s near and dear to us. How cool is it that we can do these #3generations trips? We are lucky.

I came. I burned. That burn turned into an uneven, spotty tan. Success.