Midwest Weekends

On the first weekend of November, my mom, Matt, Evie, and I drove up to Black Earth, Wisconsin (outside of Madison) to visit my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dan, and their two Border Collies Nia and Thor.

We were in Wisconsin for less than 24 hours but used our time well. Here are some highlights:

  • Stopped at TWO Culver’s on the way (the drive is only 2 hours long)
  • Watched Evie play with Nia and Thor, who were AMAZING with her (new best friends)
  • Took a walk in the woods on Sunday morning with the dogs (in addition to being super stylish, their jackets protected them from ticks)
  • Had the coziest meal of dumplings and noodles for lunch

The following weekend, Matt, Evie, and I drove to Des Moines, Iowa to visit my cousins Adam and Jessica. It was Matt’s first time ever in Iowa, so we made a couple stops along the way to ensure he got the full experience.

First, we stopped in Davenport. It wasn’t quite noon but we had been driving a while so we stopped for lunch at a cool place on the river called Front Street Brewery. The inside was bustling and cozy, but we enjoyed our lunch outside in 40 degree weather because #Evie. We also stopped in Iowa City and saw Hawkeyes fans tailgating for the game that day against the Badgers, despite the fact that it was taking place in Wisconsin. Such loyal fans.

When we got to Des Moines, Evie met her Frenchie cousins Reggie (2 years old) and Bernie* (10 months old) for the first time and they hit it off immediately. They started playing/wrestling/running around the minute we walked in the door and literally did not stop until we went to bed 5 hours later. We had such a good time, and Jessica made the best lasagna for dinner and a HUGE breakfast the next morning.

*Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for photos of their new puppy Bernie. We could not get over his puppiness.