End of Summer

During the last few weeks of summer I’ve spent half the time outside savoring the warm weather, and half the time SUPER excited for the weather to cool down, because cooler weather = fall.

We spent the last month apartment-hunting, and after sending in applications to two different units (and throwing $500 down the drain by doing so…*wallet cries softly*) we found the perfect apartment. It’s a 2 bedroom, and it happens to be a block away from Baba and Deda’s house- YAY! Evie will literally never be bored while we’re at work, much different from when we were living in NYC. They love love love hanging out with Evie and she loves hanging out with them, so it’s a win-win 🙂

I’ve made a point to take advantage of the fruit that is in season right now by baking 1-2 times a week; cherry pie, blueberry galette, banana chocolate chip scones, and a fig cake that I can’t take credit for (made by Drag).

I took photos of Baba’s incredible little city garden so that when the weather gets to be single digits and everything is covered in snow I can remember how many tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, basil, and every kind of flower the garden produced this summer.

Bye for now, summer… and WELCOME FALL!!! I want all the pumpkin things.