Coffee Shop Engagement Session

My big cousin Claire is getting married next summer and I could not be more excited for her and Gordon (her sweet and smart ecologist fiancé… soon to be DR. Smith!!). They met at the beginning of their freshman year in a neuroscience class at Williams College and then again during their senior year when they started dating. Ever since then it has been hard to miss the amazing way Claire’s face lights up when she talks about Gordon.

Claire and Gordon live in Tuscon, so during their visit to Chicago this summer we spent a morning on the north side of the city hanging out and taking photos. I love these two and July 2019 can’t come soon enough. #ClaireAndGorOnTheShore ?! We are accepting suggestions for their wedding hashtag 🙂

Photo Location #1  Montrose Harbor

Photo Location #2  Heritage Bicycles

Photo Location #3  Wrigleyville Neighborhood


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