Classic Illinois Barn Wedding

There’s nothing quite like the serene beauty of a rural midwestern landscape. The Barn at Hornbaker Gardens offers plenty of it, and reinforces the #midwestisbest sentiment that I’m so fond of.

Did I mention that the groom Nate is a real life farmer?!┬áTianna and Nate’s summer wedding in the Western Illinois town of Princeton could not have fit them more perfectly and was truly one for the books.

Illinois Barn Wedding-22018-09-20_0001.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-52018-09-20_0002.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-72018-09-20_0003.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-82018-09-20_0004.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-13Illinois Barn Wedding-152018-09-20_0005.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-19Illinois Barn Wedding-202018-09-20_0006.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-21Illinois Barn Wedding-24Illinois Barn Wedding-252018-09-20_0007.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-29Illinois Barn Wedding-31Illinois Barn Wedding-35Illinois Barn Wedding-36Illinois Barn Wedding-30Illinois Barn Wedding-372018-09-20_0008.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-402018-09-20_0009.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-43Illinois Barn Wedding-44Illinois Barn Wedding-452018-09-20_0010.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-48Illinois Barn Wedding-52Illinois Barn Wedding-50Illinois Barn Wedding-51Illinois Barn Wedding-542018-09-20_0014.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-58Illinois Barn Wedding-59Illinois Barn Wedding-642018-09-20_0011.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-63Illinois Barn Wedding-76Illinois Barn Wedding-652018-09-20_0012.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-67Illinois Barn Wedding-71Illinois Barn Wedding-722018-09-20_0013.jpgIllinois Barn Wedding-73Illinois Barn Wedding-75Illinois Barn Wedding-77Illinois Barn Wedding-78

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